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UI Design

At Nivelics, we design visual interfaces that enhance the interaction and engagement of your users, elevating the quality of your digital products.

User Interface (UI) design is a discipline of design focused on creating the visual appearance and layout of graphic elements in an application or website. Its main objective is to optimize the interaction between users and the system, ensuring the experience is efficient, intuitive, and appealing.


At Nivelics, we create attractive and functional designs that facilitate user interaction and engagement. Prepare to take your digital products to the next level with impactful and user-friendly designs.


Our team of designers offers a wide range of UI services, including:


HTML Landing Page:

Your website designed for a marketing or promotional campaign. They stand out for their attractive design and are optimized to convert visitors into potential clients or buyers through the persuasive content of your product or service, including contact forms for this purpose.


Content Design:

Content design involves the visually appealing and effective creation of materials such as infographics, presentations, graphics, and other visual elements that convey information clearly and effectively, analyzing the needs and behavior of your target audience.


Brand Creation:

From visual identity to brand strategy, we create a unique narrative that connects with your audience and establishes a distinctive presence in the market.


Mockup Creation:

We design static or interactive visual representations of your product, application, or website before its full development. These mockups provide a realistic preview of how the final product will look and function, allowing us to evaluate aspects like usability, aesthetics, consistency, and efficiency before implementation.

HTML Mailing:

Drive marketing campaigns by approaching your audience with messages, promotions, or news through attractive and personalized emails. The design includes visual elements, content structure, and relevant links to maximize participation and message impact.

Why Choose Us for Your UI Services?

We have worked with major brands such as Soluciones Bolívar, N+ (Televisa), Vprez, AxiomaB2B, Revista Cambio Colombia, No House Advantage USA, AbInbev, Asynka, Acdi Voca Colombia, among others, providing high-quality UI services that extend their visibility and presence in their respective fields.

By choosing our services, you will get:

  •  A team of UI design experts dedicated to supporting you and providing specialized assistance.
  •  Customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and business goals.
  •  Ongoing support and advice to ensure the success of your products.
  • A focus on user experience, ensuring your products meet usability and accessibility standards.

Do you want to stand out online? Let us transform your ideas into exceptional digital experiences that captivate your users. Make your brand shine on the web! Contact Us



Mockup creation and prototyping

Mockup and prototype design is a crucial phase in software and digital product development, where interactive visual representations are created that allow the testing of an application's or website's functionality before its final implementation.Continue reading»

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