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Grupo Bolívar

Nivelics & Grupo Bolívar

In an effort to enhance their digital presence and transform the insurance sector, online health, and e-commerce, Grupo Bolívar decided to create and redesign their technological products. This decision aimed to amplify their strategy and realign their bu

How did we plan it?

From the beginning, Nivelics and Grupo Bolivar shared a clear vision: to create robust and scalable digital solutions that met the rigorous standards of the insurance and services industry. We designed a multi-phase strategy, starting by establishing a transversal architecture that would be adaptable and maintainable over time.

Throughout the collaboration, we worked on several key products such as Jelpit, Marketplace and the COF, always with a focus on efficiency and innovation.

Step by step to success

Deep Understanding of the Business:

Knowing the multiple areas of action of Grupo Bolivar, from insurance to e-commerce, we designed customized solutions that aligned with their strategic objectives according to their core business.


Continuous Feedback:

Through the Management 3.0 methodology, we maintained constant communication, which allowed us to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the business and the market.


Implementation of Rigorous Standards:

Focused on quality, we developed products that not only met market standards, but exceeded them, offering first class digital experiences.


What did we do to arrive at the digital solution?

Grupo Bolivar's digital transformation was not only a technical challenge, but also a journey of collaboration and mutual trust. Acting as an extension of the Grupo Bolivar team, Nivelics implemented cutting-edge technological solutions, from optimizing operations to creating innovative digital products, we presented technological proposals that generated a backlog of improvements focused on increasing efficiency, usability and performance.

More than one-off solutions, we sought to create a digital ecosystem where efficiency and innovation were fundamental pillars.

What were the results?

The collaboration between Nivelics and Grupo Bolivar has generated tangible results:


Cost Efficiency: We achieved significant optimizations, such as a savings of $5000 USD per month in the operation of the Cart/Bookstore cell in one of the brands.


Mutual Trust: Nivelics was recognized by Grupo Bolivar as a premium supplier, consolidating a long-term relationship based on trust and commitment.


Product Highlights: With products such as Jelpit, we have reached new horizons in the digital ecosystem, demonstrating the innovative capacity of collaboration.

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