How do we work?

We analyze and understand the requirements of our partners so that in this way we can develop profitable technological products for your business, achieving the necessary digital maturity for their scaling in the market.

Nivelics Agile Framework (Based on Scrum)

The Nivelics Framework is not merely a working structure; it is our promise of quality and efficiency. Inspired by Scrum, it is meticulously designed to build digital solutions that not only meet but also exceed our clients' aspirations. The essence of this framework lies in a harmonious interaction between roles, artifacts, and events, blending seamlessly with the culture and objectives of any project management.

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Product Backlog

It is not just a listing; it is the compass of our journey. From the highest aspirations to the tiniest details, everything is reflected here, serving as a constant guide in every construction step.

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PBI Refinement (Product Backlog)

Although it might seem secondary, it is essential. In direct collaboration with the client, we review, refine, and perfect the requirements, building a clear and precise roadmap.

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PO (Product Owner)

More than an intermediary, the PO is the bridge that translates visions into tangible realities. His role is not limited to listing requirements; he is responsible for ensuring that every function, every line of code, reflects the business's goals and values. His empowerment is crucial for agile and accurate decision-making.