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Nivelics & Televisa

Nivelics, a leader in technological solutions, joined forces with Televisa to create N+, an innovative news platform that redefines online content consumption. Together, they transformed the way information is presented, Netflix-style.

How did we plan it?

In order to stay at the forefront of constant change in the news sector, Nivelics committed to creating a complete user experience with Televisa. We planned a two-phase strategy, first focusing on developing a high-engagement video platform.

In the second phase, we designed a section called "Discover" to enhance the user experience with Google Web Stories and chips, providing smoother navigation.

Step by step to success

Platform Design:

The first phase of the project focused on creating an optimized video platform. We organized the news content into categories by theme, current affairs, and presenter to increase user interaction.


Adaptation to new consumption formats:

A major challenge was to get users to swipe TikTok-style on Televisa's news content on a website, a challenge we successfully overcame, adapting to the paradigm shift in video consumption.


User Experience Innovation:

For the second phase, we implemented the "Discover" section that uses Google Web Stories and chips. The goal was to offer an exceptional user experience, similar to that of a native app.


What did we do to reach the digital solution?

The construction of N+ was a technical and creative challenge that we approached with a focus on collaboration and innovation. We worked closely with Televisa, acting as an extension of their team, to overcome challenges and develop a solution that would stand out in the competitive market.

Our goal was more than attractive design; we sought a platform that was intuitive, dynamic, and adapted to the changing needs of the market and consumers.

What were the results

The success of N+ is reflected in the incredible growth and reception of the platform. More than a year since its launch:


Impact on Vix: Over 23,600,000 users on Vix illustrate the success and influence of the platform beyond its main website.


Playbacks: The platform has accumulated more than 44,000 hours of playback, demonstrating its popularity and audience engagement.


N+ users: With over 44,800,000 users and over 27,000,000 followers on social networks, N+ has established a strong online reach and presence.

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