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What are the most frequent cyber-attacks on websites?


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Websites are one of the main targets of cyber-attacks, and it is vital to be aware of the threats and know how to protect yourself. Here we will tell you what the most frequent cyber-attacks on websites are and how they could be prevented.

SQL injection attack

SQL injection is a type of attack in which an attacker attempts to manipulate a website database by sending malicious search form queries or other data entries. Once the attacker gains access to the database, he can steal data, modify it or even delete it. 

To prevent this type of attack, developers must ensure that the website code is well written and that all data entries are validated and sanitized before being sent to the database.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attack

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Cross-Site Scripting attacks happen when an attacker inserts code or malicious software into a website through input fields, such as comment forms. When a user accesses the web page, the malicious code is executed in their browser, allowing the attacker to steal sensitive information such as usernames and passwords. 

To prevent this type of attack, developers must ensure that all data entries are validated and that the website code is written correctly and runs in a secure environment.

Brute force attack

Brute force attacks are those in which an attempt is made to guess a user’s password by trying a large number of possible combinations. Brute force attacks can be very effective if passwords are weak or easy to guess.

To prevent this type of attack, users should use strong and complex passwords and websites should implement security measures such as limiting the number of login attempts or temporarily blocking accounts after a certain number of failed attempts.

Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

Denial-of-service attacks are a common form of attack in which an attacker attempts to overwhelm a website with bogus traffic so that legitimate users cannot access the site. This can cause serious damage to online businesses by preventing users from accessing their websites and conducting transactions.

To prevent this type of attack, websites can use DDoS protection services and monitor traffic for suspicious patterns.
Cyber attacks on websites are a real threat and you should take them seriously, if you have seen the news you will have noticed that these attacks on the web have become a fashion for criminals to collect rewards for returning or recovering the information of your users.

To protect against these attacks, in Nivelics we have cloud infrastructure services for your website data to rest in the cloud safely, also if you have already been a victim of these cyber attacks we can support you with these three specific services:

  • Penetration testing (Pentesting)
  • Static code review testing (SAST)
  • Remediation of breached sites

Did it happen to you and you need our support? Together we can solve it and strengthen the security of your web site. Contact us!